Thursday, December 9, 2021

Technical Training For Female Soccer Players

Technical soccer training for female

Current Scenario: Technical training for female soccer players

In recent times, gender neutrality is one of the most trending issues around the world. While talking about neutrality, sports is one of those platforms where the difference is noticeable, or you can say evidently.

While men’s soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, women’s soccer is also getting admired day by day.

However, when we compare the training sessions of both men’s’ and women’s soccer, some idiosyncrasies are often seen. Here we will compare some world cup data to get to know about these peculiarities in detail.

Behind the Scenes



Let us talk about the FIFA World Cup 2011, where the average age of all the participating players was 25 years.

Although the range was mostly between 21-28 years of age, the youngest player was only 16 years, and on the hand, the oldest was Jenny Bindon (38 years) from New Zealand.

The New Zealand team management was under the spotlight for, and the administration declared that she was the ‘safest’ player in the tournament and is not prone to a sort of injuries due to her experience.


Talking about the same world cup, Germany had the tallest player of the tournament (height 173cm), and on the other hand, the shortest player of the competition belonged from Japan. Although the tallest players where mostly from USA, France, and Sweden; Japan has named the champions being the shortest team (average height of the players) of the tournament.


In this very tournament, the average weight of the players was between 48Kgs to 72Kgs with an average fat of 13-29%. The weight and fat ratio are very well defined and maintained in case of a professional men’s’ soccer player.

Fitness coaching

The most important factors while we differentiate men’s’ and women’s soccer. The reason behind the same is while appointing a coach, the only factor that comes to the account is the age.

An essential element in shortlisting any players for a particular team, the preferred position of that specific player is never taken into account when in the process of selection.

Things considered are factors like capability, speed, agility, but there are no records of these.

Future Expectation

With proper training and physical tests, newcomers and talented players should get their chance to play for their dream teams.

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