Friday, July 1, 2022

The Real Cost Of Injuries In Professional Football

How injuries affect professional sports players

Cost Of Injuries In Professional Football

It is evident that there has been a significant rise regarding injuries in the game of soccer over the past decade or so.

Due to the grueling schedule, players get injured throughout the season as big clubs in different leagues actively prepare to have reliable backup players for the coming fixtures.

It is an important issue today as many believe injuries do play a significant role in a team’s performance in a given season.

The amount of remuneration given to footballers in the English Premier League is humungous. If a star player gets injured, then certainly the football club bears on the cost worth millions of dollars as a player goes through the rehabilitation process.

An empirical study says that approximately $300,000,000 is spent on top-level players who suffer from various injuries in the English Premier League.

The cost goes a little higher for sports like Basketball or NFL, that are favorite sports among audiences in the United States of America.

Injuries don’t only have an impact on the monetary side of things, but also influence how a team will fare in a given season.

At the highest level of soccer, winning only matters for decorated clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Real Madrid’s performance will take a dip if in case Cristiano Ronaldo gets ruled out for the whole season due to an injury.

Through empirical studies, it is deduced that a star player does impact a club’s fortune in a given season or competition.

The primary emphasis is not everything is about monetary gains for a football club at the top level. The results show that injuries play a significant role in how the team performs in a given season.

Specific injuries can be avoided, but mainly in a contact sport like football, and you tend to get more players injured on the field.

Injuries to key players can result in big teams or clubs lose out on a chance to win big competitions or championships. So, indeed the cost of damages is way more significant than many expect to be it in the game of football.

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